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Colosé - Swiss Made

Colosé Foundation Créme - Fond de teint

A sheer foundation and a good concealer are musts for creating the illusion of perfect skin.

Foundation evens your skin tone, smoothes texture, and hides minor imperfections. To apply: Dot on forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Smooth evenly with downward and outward strokes. Blend well at jawline. Choose the shade nearest your skin tone. Due to its small granular powder content, this creamy foundation will not dry out your skin. It improves your complexion as it protects and tones your skin throughout the entire day. Contains Vitamins C and E. Just $16.00 50ml  ON SALE $12.00 Read More...

Dore Foundation
Safari Foundation
Sienne Foundation
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Sport Cream Tinted Moisturizer
Collagen Sport Cream
Make-up Foundation  Sheer Tinted Moisturizer Foundation
Sheer Tinted Foundation
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Tinted Moisturizer
Light Tinted Moisturizer
Cosmetics and Skincare  Tinted Sunscreen Bronze
Tinted Suncreen Bronze 

Sport Cream

Our sport cream contains a mixture of elastin, collagen and protein. It cares for the skin and makes it look healthy because of its light shade. It is also ideal as a make-up base. Contains Vitamins C and E.
50ml Item No. 11900 $16.00 ON SALE 12.00

Tinted Sun Creams
Créme Solaire Teinteé SPF15

A tinted sun cream which gives a healthy appearance to the skin. Protects against ultraviolet A and B rays. Contains Shea Butter to nourish the skin. Suitable for all skin types. Apply after day creams. Contains Vitamins C and E.
50 ml $20.00 ON SALE $15.00



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