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Katrina VanDoran

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I'm wearing a turquoise dress for a formal party. I have light tan skin color, my hair is natural black color, my eyes are dark brown. What kind of eyeshadow color should I use? Thanks

The color of your dress does not play the most important part in choosing eye colors. It is the color of your eyes that is most important. Having brown eyes you should wear one of the following colors or color combinations of eye shadow:



I think that number 2 and number 4 would look very nice with a turquoise dress. They are Bren's Eye Shadow colors Ivy and Sunset.

Hi, I am going to a formal this Friday and am having a hard time deciding which eyeshadow color to wear. I am wear a a vibrant red dress. I have deep blue eyes and want them to really pop. I have medium blond hair and fair skin. I don't want the colors to clash so I was thinking a light pink would make my eyes stand out and would go well with the dress. A dark gray eyeliner and black mascara? Does that sound right or what- I am clueless!!! Thank you!

You should coordinate your eye shadow color with your blue eyes, not your red dress. Light pink alone will not make your eyes stand out, in fact it may make your eyes appear smaller. In order to make your eyes pop, you should use three coordinating shades. Follow the instructions for smokey eyes whether or not you use the black / grey colors. The colors for blue eyes are:
Eye Shadow
Eye Shadow
Eye Shadow
Eye Shadow

Personally I like Nature or Eclipse for your formal. The dark gray or charcoal eyeliner and black mascara are good choices. Thank you for your question.

Instructions for Smokey Eyes

Hi There, I am going to an event. My dress is black and silver (blond hair brown/hazel eyes). I want to do a smokey eye with black/silver/pink, but wasn’t sure if I should wear a lighter lipstick (pink tone) or much darker one with (with purple undertones). Thanks! Eli

Hi Eli, It is just my opinion but I do not recommend that you have two dramatic events going on so close together. If you do smokey eyes, then I suggest you go with the lighter lipstick.

Hi, I been having a MAJOR issue with my eyes! I have pretty green eyes. I've been wearing make-up that is fit for blue eyes. I want my pretty green eyes to POP. I've looked on the net, and i watch "What Not to Wear" And so far, I've gotten multiple answers. Such as wear purple eye liner, or brown, dont wear BLACK, wear green eye shadow, I'm soo confused. Can you help me? thanks

Green Eyes look great in the following colors:

Bloom Eye ShadowDream Eye ShadowGrasshopper Eye Shadow

Depending on the color of your eyelashes, if they are dark you can by all means wear black eye liner and mascara. To make your eyes pop, you should try using three coordinating eye shadow colors. Read about applying eye shadow for more dramatic looking eyes


Hi, I am an asian women with brown skin and I tried my best but I could not find the exact color match with my skin, I have dry skin and when I put foundation on, my face had white patches. I am very upset because my husband likes light skin color, so please guide me for exact colour and brand. I am living in united kingdom.

Without seeing your skin color this will be just a guestimate - The number one selling color in Taiwan is Colosé Caprice. It is a fairly light color and will give your skin a lighter look. The color Dore is a shade or two darker and also a very nice covering foundation. The Colosé foundations come in a tube and do not have much weight so shipping to the United Kingdom is very economical. The foundations are also great moisturizers but if you have dry skin you should also consider applying a face cream before putting on your foundation.

Hi, I have golden blonde hair, dark blue eyes and I have fair skin. I wear black mascara and eyeliner. I also wear brown/gold eyeshadows, but my eyes never seem to pop. What should I wear? Thanks K.

People with blue eyes look best in shades of the following colors:

Try using a cream or cream/pink color for your second eyeshadow color instead of gold. You may find that you prefer these results better than your gold eyeshadow color.

Hi, I wonder if you can answer the following problem. In recent years I have developed a slight hairline above my mouth and being dark haired it always seems more pronounced. My beautician has been waxing my mouth for over a year which has actually slowed down the hair growth, but has left me with a dark shadow over my mouth which I find very embarrassing. Can you offer any advice to help please. many thanks.

Continual waxing should eventually destroy the hair follicle so that less hair grows in that area. You may want to try a skin lightener on the skin between your upper lip and nose. Skin lightener products can be pretty expensive. Our Skin Lightener is $32.00. You could also try using lemon juice from a lemon - not diluted like juice - it sometimes acts as a lightening agent as well. There are also concealers and correctors that you could try under your regular make-up. Colose makes a real nice compact concealer cream that you can pat on and you do not have to wear make-up over it.


Can you recommend a foundation for me. I am having a terrible time getting to the right make up counter. This is my problem: I am 44 years old. I have acne and use proactive, which works very well, but, I really have to use a lot of oil free moisturizer to keep from getting scaly and dry. The problem is, I need a very moist oil free foundation so that my acne is not aggravated AND I don't have that chalky cracked look after the makeup is applied. I can't seem to find the right product line. Thank You

There is only one foundation that I would recommend for your skin type and complexion. It is Colosé Foundation. Colosé skin care is made in Switzerland and their foundation cream is especially formulated to prevent the pores of the skin from becoming clogged. The Colosé cream foundation also contains Vitamins C and E.

Hi, I am getting engaged and will be wearing an orange dress. I would like to know which eyeshade would look best on me. I have black eyes and a fair complexion. Thanks

I cannot say this enough - Eye Shadow Shades go with your eyes, not your dress. A person with dark eyes should wear the colors shown below. Once you get "your" colors chosen then you can narrow it down so that those chosen colors do not clash with your dress. Depending on the orange shade, you should choose one of the last two colors which we call ivy or sunset eyeshadow. Because of your dark eyes, you should stay with dark / black mascara and eyeliner. If you feel that you do not need eyeliner, then do not wear it. It may not be necessary to wear eyeliner if you have big, dark eyes.


Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me what hues of eyeshadow, mascara, liner, and lipstick would look good on me. I have olive-brown eyes; dark, chestnut-brown hair; and very pale, ghostly skin. (P.S.- I love your website; it's already been a lot of help.)

People with olive brown eyes look good in eye shadows that have the following colors for two totally different looks:


Wearing darker shadows will make you eyes look smaller and lighter colors will make your eyes look bigger. I assume your natural eyelashes are brown so I would stick with a brown or black mascara and eyeliner. Very pale, ghostly skin could perhaps use a little blush and or bronzer. Your lipstick color should be light using coppers or pinks, coordinating with the color you choose for your blush.

Hello I just recently came across your site and I have a question. I'm 16 and I have no one to ask for make up advice. I'm Hispanic and it's hard for me to find the right colors to wear. Every time I go into a makeup store they always say that Hispanic women should wear dark colors because of their dark skin but Hispanic women come in many different colors and I have light skin. Dark colors make me look really old and serious and light colors like pink and blue make me look chalky and clownish. Also my eyes are small and sort of look Asian and eyeliner doesn't look right on me. Can you offer me any advice?

If you have light skin then you need a foundation for light skin. We have a wonderful foundation: Caprice by Colosé. It is light and creamy and you will love it. Your choices for eyeshadows is dependent on the color of your eyes. See our eye colors advice on our eyeshadow trio page. The most important factor in deciding what color and how to apply eye shadow is to take into consideration the amount of fold you have above the eye lid. If you possess a fair amount of fold, then you can boldly apply dramatic colors such as black, deep purple, deep turquoise (really stunning) and navy blue for night time wear and utilize the technique of multilayering colors. Colors that are especially flattering for daytime wear are bronze and light colors applied close to the lashes while more intense colors are blended on top. Asian eyes: Apply highlighter under the brow. Use light shadow on the inner half of the lid and a darker color on the outer half.

It takes a lot of practice to get eyeliner to look right so my advice is to practice. If after some time it still does not look right then try to get the look working with eyeshadow. You will also need to invest in some good eyeshadow brushes.


Hi, my long time friend recommended this site to me, and I just love it. I have passed it on to many people and they also love it. I just need some tips on putting on makeup for the first time. I'm almost 13. I'm looking for the natural but outstanding look. I would also want my lips to be very shimmery (I'M not sure if that is a word, but I hope you understand what I'M saying). I am a dark caramel skinned girl, with HUGE hazel eyes ( no, I really mean it). Also I wanted to know if I'm able to put on eyeshadow and what color. Oh yeah, I need cheap prices for the makeup living in NYC and all. Thanks a whole lot Katrina.

When just beginning to use make-up you want to keep your look natural. Your foundation or loose powder should be the same color as your skin tone or a little lighter. You are so lucky to have hazel eyes because now you have a wider selection of eye shadow colors that you can use - depending on your mood you can emphasize either the green or the brown in your eyes. While most people look good in three colors, with hazel eyes you will have about 7 colors to choose from. Look at the bottom of our eyeshadow trios page and you will understand what I am talking about. If you feel it is necessary to wear eyeshadow use the lightest shade in your range of colors - It will not be that noticeable and it will really brighten your eyes. If your eyelashes are naturally dark you will not need mascara. The same is true for your eyebrows. You may want to shape your eyebrows though and if necessary apply an eyebrow pencil the same color as your eyebrows but just for fill-in. If your eyebrows already have a nice shape, then please just leave them alone for now. Lipstick should also be light, especially for school. You may want to just use a lip gloss over your natural lips.

When first using makeup the majority of girls purchase their cosmetics at a drugstore or stores like K-Mart. There is nothing wrong with that and many times you will find that you like a cheaper product more than the more expensive product. Read our articles and newsletters and follow the advice and recommendations for your skin tones and eye colors are you will be a perfect hit! Have a makeup pajama party with your friends and practice applying makeup on each other. Before long, you will be very proficient at it.

Hi, I was on your site and found it very helpful. I have a light brown, olive complexion and dark brown eyes. I'm trying to make my dark eyes appear lighter. I was wondering if you could help me by telling me what eye shadow, mascara and hair colors would do that. I don't want to wear contacts, but i want to dye my hair. Could you please e-mail me your advice? Thank you very much.

It is very difficult to make your eyes appear lighter than their naturally dark color. What you can do is either make your eyes appear larger or smaller by using certain colors. Dark colors will make the eye appear smaller and light colors will make your eyes appear larger and brighter. Emphasizing your lips by giving them a deeper shade of color will then make your eyes appear lighter. I suggest you try more of a chocolate or brown mascara with a light frosted eyeshadow such as pink (chic) or lavender (shock). Use a dark brown or black eyeliner. I think that by brightening up your eyes they will appear lighter. Since skin tone and eye color cannot be changed, your hair, clothes, makeup and accessories must relate to or compliment the natural colors of the eyes and skin.

I have blue eyes and I'm 13 years old. I want to make my eyes pop but i dont know what eye shadow color to use, and for that matter if I should wear eye shadow because my mom will only let me wear eye shadow and mascarra or eyeliner and mascarra. Which one should I use? Eyeliner or mascarra and I'm not allowed to wear black because my mom said i look gothic.

When just beginning to use makeup, use the lighter colors in your color range. Earth tones are recommended for blue eyes - that is browns, tans, beige. One of my favorite new colors is our creamy eye shadow called Tingle in our Eye Silks. You can experiment with eyeliner and mascara. Do you have nice thick eyelashes? If so, then you do not need mascara and perhaps a light brown eyeliner would then be a good choice. If your eyelashes are thin and or light, then you could apply a chocolate brown mascara. The clue to eye makeup is to apply it so that it brightens your eyes (lighter eyeshadow colors brighten eyes and make them appear larger). You want your look to be fresh and natural. You will look better and your mom will be happy too!

Hi, I was wondering if you knew any tips and tricks on how to give your eyes that exotic, cat eye look. I have brown eyes and I really want them to stand out. Thanks for the help!

Here's a trick of the trade for cat eyes: find an index card and place it at a 45 degree angle to your eye (and right up to your eye, touching your skin). Take a light shade of eye shadow and place it along the uppermost and lowermost portion of your eyes. (Keep the card in place because this is your angle for the cat eyes). Next take a darker shade and place that into the crease of your eye and blend with the lower lighter color and only slightly blend with the upper lighter shade. Add a dark eyeliner along the entire length of your upper eyelash and black mascara for your lashes. This will make your eyes "pop". Now remove the index card and you will have cat eyes! Smokey tones with purples work great for cat eyes. Try Onyx Eye Shadow by Colosé Cosmetics for the cat eye look. Read More...

I am an occasional crossdresser and I want to go "out" this weekend. My wife approves of this but doesn't want to SEE it, so I've had my makeup bag stashed away in the attic for the last 2 months. It has been over 100 degrees here the last couple of days, and who knows how hot in the attic (over 120 I would guess)! Is all of my makeup going to be melted? Will I be able to use melted makeup with makeup brushes or will it be ruined? Do I need to rush out and buy all new makeup tonight? I have all kinds of things up there including Blush, Eyebrow Pencils, Eyeliner Liquid and Pencils, Eye Shadow, Foundation, Lipgloss, Lipliner, Lipstick, Mascara, Powder and more. Will some of these have survived the heat better than others? Help!! And much thanks!

I'm sorry to hear that you have to store your make-up in the attic! That is about the worst place for make-up. You definitely run the risk of ruining your lipsticks, eyeliner and lip liners. These all contain ingredients that when exposed to extreme heat can melt them. I recommend you try to put your cosmetics in the refrigerator or freezer at least one hour before you try to open them. Your lipstick is especially vulnerable and can break off easily at the base. There isn't any health concerns for make-up that has been exposed to heat, just that they won't apply very well. The refrigerator trick should work, but be prepared that you may need a new lipstick! You can use a lip brush or applicator if your lipstick has melted. I would still place it in the refrigerator so it can be applied better. The rest of your make-up should be OK to use, such as your loose powder, blush, eye shadow and foundation. The concealer should also be cooled prior to application. Good luck and have a wonderful evening out!

Makeup Tip: Do Not Store Your Makeup In The Attic

I am a model and I have bright blue eyes that I need to make stand out more in pictures. Any tips on how to do so? Any make up tips for photographing, I have honey blonde hair, fair skin. Some times my skin is a little shiny any tips? Thanks Kahen

For blue eyes to stand out, you need to go with contrasting eye shadow colors! Colors that contrast are yellow tones including eye shadow shades of brown and taupe, orange and gold. These colors will help blue eyes "POP". I recommend you take a look at Nature, Sunset, and Lioness Eye Shadow by Bren Cosmetics to see these colors. I would use Brown or Black (Raven) eyeliner from Bren as well as Chocolate or Black Mascara. These colors will help your eyes stand out.

To reduce your shine, I recommend a translucent loose powder by Colose Cosmetics or translucent Powder in a Brush by Bren Cosmetics. Use the translucent powder over foundation. To keep control of oil all day long, use Bren Cosmetics Pressed Powder Oil Control Blotter.

I am getting ready for prom and I cannot figure out what to do for eye shadow. My eyes are generally green (they tend to change with my mood). I am wearing a black and hot pink dress (black all over w/ a hot pink bodice). I have silver and black jewelry. I am fairly tan, and I have light brown hair. Please advise me! Thanks! Amy

For green eyes, I recommend going with pink, lavender, or taupe and reddish browns eye shadow. These colors will help green eyes "POP". I recommend you look at Bloom or Dream by Bren Cosmetics to see these colors. I would use Prune Eyeliner from Bren as well as Plum or Wine Mascara. These colors will help your eyes stand out and will compliment the hot pink in your dress.

Please could you tell me where I could buy some of the really glittery/sparkly eye shadow which celebrities are wearing at the moment.

Use your regular eye shadow, but add a touch of glo. Bren Cosmetics makes a great product that can be used on lips and eyes. Its called Pout & Glo! A portion of the container is lip gloss and the other portion is sparkle dust. Use the sparkle dust on your lips (after you apply the gloss) and also on your eyelids to match. It's a really great and fun product.

I have never used makeup and was wanting to start. I never had anyone tell me what colors to use or how to apply it. I have medium to dark brown hair hazel/brown eyes and my skin tone is kind of pale. Ii would appreciate it if anyone could help me out with telling me what shades I would need for eyes, lips, cheeks, and so on. I would like a natural look, nothing over the top or too extreme. Thanks in advance.

First timers need to take it slow and go natural! With your pale skin, I would recommend you stay away from dark shades (dark red lipstick, dark brown shadows, liners, etc,). Dark shades on pale skin tend to look gothic. Stay with light to medium shades.

For hazel/brown eyes to "POP" you need a contrasting group of eye shadow colors. Contrasting eye shadow colors include pink, lavender, purple, and coral. Check out Mystic, Dream and Grapevine Eye Shadow by Bren Cosmetics to see these colors. To compliment your hazel/brown eyes you would want to go with light browns, creams, light or lime greens. Sunset, Ivy and Nature Eye Shadow by Bren Cosmetics also show these colors the best.

To apply eye shadow, take the lightest shade and place it over your entire eyelid, this is your base. The medium shade goes at your lower lid and the darkest shade goes into the crease of your eye. You want to find an eyeliner that is close to your darkest shade and apply that at the edge of your lashes. You will want a Mascara that is similar in shade or brown or black. (Think of your eyeliner as an extension or your lashes, its purpose is to make your lashes look thicker, so it should be applied as close to the lashes as possible and along the same line).

If you are starting out on lipstick it would be best to use Lip Twins by Bren Cosmetics. This gives you a lipstick and a matching lip liner so you can't make a mistake. I would also recommend a lip-gloss in pink from Colosé Cosmetics.

For cheeks, go natural and usually a pink tone is most natural. Place it in a circular motion at the apple of your cheek. A good color to start with is Aubergine by Colose Cosmetics or Bordeaux by Bren Cosmetics. Both are natural colors.

Good luck, it usually takes a little practice to discover "your" look, so feel free to experiment with a close friend - she'll be honest and let you know if a look is good, bad, or in between!

Hi Katrina! I have a commencement ball to go to and I was wondering if you could give me a suggestion about my makeup. I have dark brown hair, green eyes, white skin and I will be wearing a red strapless dress. Now, I don't want to do browns for my eyes since I will be wearing silver jewlery so I am stumped. Also, what color lipstick should I wear? Thanks for taking the time to help me! -Amy

For your eyes I recommend using Silver & Gold Eyeshadow by Colosé Cosmetics. The silver will compliment your jewelry. Wear the silver all over your lid. The gold should be placed at the crease of your eye and will compliment your red dress and bring out the green in your eyes. For lipstick, I'd suggest a warm tone such as Iso-Taupe or Glitzy Copper from Bren Cosmetics. If you want to add a touch of gold to your lips, Colosé makes a great gold touch enhancer that you can put on your lips.

Hi! I'm almost 13 and most of my friends are wearing makeup. I used to wear LOADS of makeup at the beginning of the year, but I don't now. How much makeup should an almost-thirteen-girl wear? Thanks! Bre~

Young women have the ability to look great in anything! If you don't have problems with blemishes I would recommend not using a foundation, which will make your make-up feel heavier. Just use a concealer now and then for the occasional trouble spots. I think for thirteen you can avoid eyeliner, it's probably too heavy or if you think you want to try it, go for lighter taupe colors. I recommend lighter colors for younger women as dark colors tend to make young women look too old and sometimes almost gothic.

Lip-gloss is best for lips at your age and can be fun and sparkly. Try Pout & Glo color Sugar by Bren Cosmetics, it's a fun line.

Blush should be use just lightly at the apple of your checks and in a natural pink tone. Try Aubergine by Colosé Cosmetics for a simple look. I would recommend light brown Mascara, but I think you can skip this at your age too.

I'm Spanish on both sides but sometimes feel I dont look it. I would like to know what make up to wear to make my heritage more aparrent. I have gray eyes, olive-ish skin, and dark hair with a reddish cast off it. Please help!

For a natural Spanish look, I recommend you focus on your eyes. You want them to look more Spanish and to everyone else that means a sultry or even "Cat" eye look.

You will need: Chisel Angle Fluff Brush - For all over color and under eyebrow Chisel Double Shader Brush - For contouring and blending - A trio eye shadow or three shades of color: light, medium, dark preferably in Grapevine, Mystic (My pick for gray eyes) or Eclipse and an index card!

Using the Index card place it at a 45-degree angle against the outer portion of your eye. The card will prevent you from smearing your shadow past the angle and ruining the effect of the lifted eye. Take your Angle Fluff Brush and apply the lightest shade in the trio you chose all over your eyelids.

Apply a dark or matching eye liner along the upper eye closest to your eye lash in about 1/16th inch line, start at the inner eye and go all the way across your eye to outer most portion of your eye angling up and out at the end. You may need to remove the index card so you have both hands available to create the angle. Replacing the index card, use the double shader brush and apply the medium shade along the lower lid. Using the same brush (but cleaned) apply the dark shade in a diagonal from the center eye to the outer eye stopping just above the middle crease of your eye.

Remove index card and using your Angle Fluff Brush (it should still have a bit of the light shade in the brush) in a one directional brush stroke going to the outer portion of your eye, brush once or twice outward to blend the colors and to soften the line left by the index card. Clean brush and dip in the light shade for the opposite eye.

Finish the look by curling your eyelashes using a curler and 30 seconds of pressure on your upper eyelashes and apply black mascara in two layers.

For your blush, I recommend Ignite by Bren Cosmetics (great for olive skin tones), applied in at an angle from the apple of your check to the outer portion of your eye. For lips, try Intrigue Lip Twin by Bren Cosmetics. It has a liner and matching lipstick all in one container! Simple and easy!

I am 15 years old and am caramel toned. I wear MAC foundation and it works really well. The only problem is it comes of on everything. It's gets on people that I hug and on my fingers and on everything I touch if I have recently touched my face. It also never stays on. I have to re-apply it after about 3 hours. Do you have any advice for me?

The best solution to your problem is to use a loose powder to set the foundation in place. Although if the problem still persists, I recommend you begin looking for a new foundation. You can use Colosé Cosmetics Loose Powder- translucent or pick from six different shades of Powder in a Brush from Bren Cosmetics.

I'm about 16 with black hair, blue eyes, and a very pale complexion with pink-ish undertones. My problem is I never know what kind of make-up use because most of my features are already so dramatic by themselves. I do like the gothic look, but I don't want to go over board and have too much make-up. What should I use?

For blue eyes to stand out, you need to go with contrasting colors! Colors that contrast are yellow tones including shades of brown and taupe, orange and gold. These colors will help blue eyes "POP". I recommend you take a look at Nature, Sunset, and Lioness by Bren Cosmetics to see these colors. The more you use the darker shades the more gothic you can get make your look without going overboard by using black shadows. I would use Brown or Black (Raven) eyeliner from Bren as well as Chocolate or Black Mascara. These colors will help your eyes stand out. You can also look for a light pink shade to use as a base for eye shadows and a gray to compliment your blue eyes.

Keep to natural pinks for your checks, applying it at the apple of your cheek. Two great colors from Colose Cosmetics are Aubergine and Bisquit. For lips, I think your coloring can take almost all shades of pink from light to hot pink, depending on your mood.



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