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Milk of Banana Moisturizer

Moisturizers affect the appearance of skin by doing three things -- fighting dryness, balancing skin tone and improving skin texture. The moisturizing product achieves these goals by helping the skin absorb water and by filling in the spaces between skin cells to replace lost moisture

Milk of Banana


Girly Girl Geneva Milk of Banana is especially formulated for dry, sensitive and normal skin. It is to be used as a day cream on the face and neck.

Apply generously and massage gently with your fingertips in circular movements. It can also be used on the entire body. Wear it under make-up every day.

120 ml / 4 oz.

Price: $24.00



Item No. 71270

(3 Available)


Girly Girl Skin Care is formulated in Switzerland and Packaged in the USA unless stated otherwise.



The banana is a tropical fruit native to Asia. The ripe fruit contains many of the necessary elements that are essential for a balanced diet. Analysis shows the presence of active molecules such as Vitamins A and C and the vitamins of the B group. The biological properties of these compounds have a nourishing and soothing effect.



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