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Frequently Asked Questions about Make-Up and Skin Care?

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Our Make-Up and Skin Care consultant, Katrina VanDoran, answers makeup and skin care questions sent in by readers just like you.

Hi my name is Kiley and I hate wearing make-up. I try to wear as little as possible but it always looks bad, I don't like foundation or powder because it makes my face feel loaded down and very oily. I wash my fash every morning and night and take off make-up before I go to bed. I don't know what the problem is. How can I look pretty with make-up but wear barely none at all? And how can I get my eye lashes to curl good? Thanks.

Dear Kiley, Thank you for your inquiry. The first step you need to make is to have a very good cleansing routine for your face. Never wash with soap! From your email it seems you may have oily or combination skin. For those skin types, I recommend you use a cleanser like Colosé's cleansing lotion. If you have normal or sensitive skin then use the cleansing milk. The next step is to use a toner. This helps remove any excess dirt, oil and make-up the cleanser missed and closes your pores. The final step is to apply a moisturizer. For oily skin the best moisturizer is Milk of Aloe.

Applying make-up the right way does take practice. If you feel foundation makes your skin feel heavy and oily, then you may be using the wrong foundation. The longer wearing foundations are heavier as are the foundations that turn into powders. Avoid those. In fact, you can avoid most foundations and just use a cream cover-up for blemishes and dark circles-cover sticks work just as good. Apply those and blend into the skin by dabbing your finger-don't go back and forth with your finger. After you have applied either a light foundation or cover stick to the problem areas I suggest you use a loose powder and apply a light coat of powder all over your face with the brush. Loose powder is light and translucent so it does not't appear heavy. You can brush off any excess powder and it blends your skin very nicely and reduces shine. Applying color to your face that does not look overdone and heavy requires you to pick colors that are near your skin tone.

For eyes: Pick a color that is near your skin tone-either a pinkish, cream, yellow, or olive color that matches your skin tone is best. Make sure the color is a light shade. Apply that color over your entire lid. Then take a shade darker than that original color and apply that in the crease of your lid (keep the light shade at the top and the bottom of your lid). Apply mascara to the top of your eyelashes and use a lash curler to get the full, curly lash you want (you can purchase a lash curler for around $2.00). Avoid mascara that is extended wear or that will make your lashes extra thick as those tend to dry your lashes and they look too heavy for the look we are trying for you. I prefer waterproof mascara especially if mascara you have used in the past leaves dark smudges under your eye. For eyeliner you want to go with a brown or a black (the same color as the mascara) and put it on the upper lid in a line across the entire eye with more heavy stroke at the corner and a lighter stroke at the inner portion of the eye. Lower liner is optional and I would avoid it for day and maybe use it at night. Eyeliner is an extension of your lashes and helps those look fuller.

Lips: I recommend you use a cherry Chap Stick followed by a berry or pinkish lip-gloss. Find a lip liner that matches your lip color or the berry/pink lip-gloss. Don't go for the really reds or the dark browns unless those match your skin tone, otherwise you will look over done.

Cheeks: Apply a color that is a bit darker than your normal skin tone, neutrals are good. For example if you have light skin a pink tone will work very well. Here's the important part. Apply it only to the apple of your cheek. Smile and apply the blush to the round portion of your cheek. Dab it on and blend with your fingers in a circle. Do not go back and forth. Your blush does not need to go into your hairline. Remember its call blush and apply where you would blush if you were given a great compliment from a gorgeous man. Bronzer also works well for a suntan look. Again apply it at the apple of your cheeks and dab a bit at the top of your forehead and your chin. I will say that I think these steps will help.

I do recommend going to a salon and getting a shape to your eyebrows for around $7-$10.00 and then maintain that shape with tweezers. Eyebrow definition really does a lot to make you look fresh and helps people really focus on your eyes. Good luck and have fun practicing with the colors and the tips I have given you. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Question: I do not use make up very frequently because when I do I get blackheads and pimples. What is the problem, how can it be solved?
Mary, Anaheim CA

I am sorry to hear about your disappointment with make-up. The prime cause is usually not the make-up but the cleansing routine. You must be very thorough when removing make-up at the end of the day. Never be tempted to go to sleep without cleansing your face. You might also like to add a cleansing lotion and toner to your nightly routine. Do not use soap. Deep cleansing your face will prevent your pores from becoming clogged which enable bacteria to grow.

Dear Katrina, What is a good sunless tanning product? I don't want to look orange. Elaine, Scotsdale, AZ

False tans are really the answer for a tan all year round without the risks of UV damage either from the sun or tanning salon. The new gels, sprays and lotions no longer smell, go on streaky or look orange. For a really natural look just follow these steps and I promise you will get fantastic results: always apply after a bath or shower in which you used an exfoliating type product. Our body scrub contains little sandgrains that quickly and gently remove dead skin cells and blemishes. Skin gets a fresh glow and feels like silk. Then apply a moisturizer to the skin. Now apply your self tanning product. We of course recommend our Colosé auto-bronzant. Be sure to wash your hands right after application so they do give you away! Do this for a few days and you will have a very nice glowing look.

Hi Katrina, I have a major problem with cellulite. Do the creams really work? Doris, Rancho Dominquez, CA

Greetings Doris, Luckily, not all cellulite products make false and unsubstantiated claims. Some new firming creams actually do help to firm and tighten skin on the backside of the thighs... but do not expect miracles. These new firming creams will not magically "melt away" your cellulite... They are only a supplement to massage, diet, drinking plenty of water and exercise. Read more about cellulite...


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