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Skin Lotion - Soin Pour Hommes #11360 $18.00

Contains Vitamin E to protect the skin from harmful free radicals and Panthenol (pro vitamin B5) which is a deep penetrating and long lasting moisturizer. It also has a UV filter to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Body Lotion _ Corporelle Au Masculin #16300 $18.00
This body care lotion has a fresh, sportive, neutral
fragrance. It contain Green Tea Extract, a powerful anti-oxidant that maintains elasticity and firmness.

After Shave Lotion - The fragrance is a combination of spicy tones with a fresh, sensual base of warm wood accent. 17440 $18.00

Skin Lotion (white bottle) - 11350 $18.00 Special lotion facial care for men. Soothes skin irritations and protects against damage from air pollution.

Deo Roll On - 17500 - This deodorant has an exquisite scent of Le Commandant and gives you a long-lasting protection against body odors. It regulates perspiration, insures freshness and security for the whole day. $12.00 

After Shave Lotion
Facial Moisturizer
Body Lotion For Men
Skin Lotion







Le Commandant Men's Line

The COLOSÉ men's line "Le Commandant" consists of after-shave lotion, cologne for men, skin lotion and deodorant roll- on all containing a fresh herbal fragrance. In addition the large COLOSÉ skin care line offers several products suitable for men such as shower gel, shampoo, body lotions and sun care products.

Today, men cleanse, moisturize and protect their face with preventive actions against skin aging. The process of daily shaving leaves minute scratches which produce minor infections, inflammation and localized dryness on cheeks and chin. To compound the stress further, everything traditionally that men use to aid shaving contributes to the removal of lipids from the outer layer of the skin. Lipids are essential to the integrity and functions of smooth skin since they hold the cells together and provide water-holding capacity.

To solve cutaneous problems related to shaving, COLOSÉ has developed a lotion. It is a fluid emulsion similar to a milk with a quick absorption. Thanks to its composition skin balance is restored and shaving is smoother. Allantoin is incorporated for promoting growth of new and healthy tissue. An active complex of vitamins C and E has a stimulating effect and neutralizes free radicals. The parfume added is masculine and herbal fresh.

Use: Either after a razor blade shave or as a pre-shave lotion before using an electric shaver. In both cases apply small quantities of lotion and massage gently.





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