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Créme Miracle with Collagen


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Eye Wrinkle Cream

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Anti-Wrinkle Cream - Créme Miracle


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The deterioration in elasticity of the skin first becomes apparent around the eyes and the mouth. Skin firmness is mainly due to collagen. The collagen fibrils have excellent moisture binding properties which maintain skin suppleness. Aging has a negative influence and the process of collagen synthesis is slowed down. The eyelids loose moisture and tone and fine wrinkle lines appear. You can say that the aging of skin is mainly due to the aging of collagen. This anti aging cream works on the forehead, lip area, eye area, neck, cheeks, crow's feet and stretch marks on the body.

Our Créme Miracle contains vegetable collagen, made from the fruit and leaves of the Australian Acacia Tree. (as opposed to animal collagen) Contains a mixture of elastin, collagen and protein plus It contains Jojoba Oil which nearly has the same composition as skin oil. It produces a non-oily film on the epidermis thus protecting and eliminating dryness. UV-A filter is added to protect the skin against the sun's harmful ultraviolet A radiations which reach into the lower layers of the skin and induce premature aging. And finally we have added a Vitamin complex, a mixture of vitamin E and C which protects the skin from harmful free radicals (toxins).

Directions for use:

To intensify the absorption of collagen by the skin, it is advised to practice a light massage around the eyes and mouth. This massage is a complement to the treatment and also helps to eliminate small wrinkles. Apply sparingly using light finger tip pressure in a circular movement around the sensitive area of the eyes. This method, called "sensitivity massage", improves capillary blood flow and reduces dark circles.

Apply in the morning and evening on well-cleansed skin in the eye area, around the mouth and on the neck.

Créme Miracle may be used under make-up. It is recommended that you apply the cream regularly.

Best Anti Aging Skin Care Product Review
by: www.hubpages.com

Aging skin calls for different skin care products. As you age, you lose the elasticity in your skin, which causes sagging and looseness. It usually shows up around the eyes and mouth first. This happens because your skin loses the collagen that helps keep it firm.

One product for anti aging is called Creme Miracle. It works on all areas of your body, including your forehead, eye area, lip area, your neck, and cheeks. It helps erase crow's feet and stretch marks. It contains a pure vegetable collagen that is made from the fruit and leaves of the Australian Acacia Tree. No animal collagen is used in this product. It contains a mix of collagen and protein, jojoba oil and elastin. It produces a non-oily effect on your skin. It has a sunscreen and vitamin complex which contains a mixture of vitamin E and C. These vitamins protect against toxins. The instructions state that you should massage around your eyes and mouth using a small amount of Creme Miracle. Always use a circular motion to massage to your face, so as not to stretch skin further. Apply the cream morning and evening, on your just washed face. It may be used under your make up.

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